JAGRITI STEEL PRIVATE LIMITED Products (JPL brand) are currently available through our dealer network located strategically across India.

We produce structural steel products such as MS channels, MS angles, I Beam, Joists/ Beam and billets used in leading industries such as Sheds, towers & transmission, power plants, bridges, dams, railways, construction, etc.

Product Range & Specification:

Channel Section (ISMC) : 75x40mm, 100x50mm, 125x65mm, 150×75 mm, 200x75mm, 250x80mm, 300x90mm.

Equal Angle Section (ISA) : 40x40mm, 45x45mm, 50x50mm, 55x55mm, 60x60mm, 65x65mm, 75x75mm, 90x90mm, 100x100mm, 110x110mm, 130x130mm,150x150mm, 200×200 mm in various thicknesses.

I-Beams Section (ISMB) : 100x60mm, 125x70mm, 150x75mm, 200x100mm, 250x125mm,300x140mm.

H-Beams : 150x150mm.

Length Range: Standard size of 12mtr to 12.2mtr. 11 m to 13 m, 5.5m to 6.5m also available. Customized length could be supplied based on stream circumstances

Grade of Material: As per IS: 2062:2011, FE410WA, Grade: A/E250 to E410. Higher grade material can be supplied - EN Series, ASI Series & DIN Standards.

Size Tolerance/Weight Tolerance: As per BIS Standard IS: 1852 or Equivalent.

Marking / Identification of product: Every structural section is embossed (hot rolling) with size detail, ISI mark and company’s mark “JPL” along the length at regular intervals

Chemical Composition

Chemical Symbol % Limit
Carbon C 0.23% Max
Manganese Mn 1.5% Max
Silicon Si 0.40% Max
Sulphur S 0.055% Max
0.055% Max.
Phosphorus P 0.055% Max. (Tolerance: ± 0.005)
Physical Properties
Chemical Symbol % Limit
Material will be supplied in semi-killed / killed(Al.) Condition with limiting carbon equivalent 0.42% Max.
Min. Yield Strength 250 Mpa
Min. Tensile Strength 410 Mpa
Min. % Elongation 23%/td>

Weldability: Weldable with common M.S. Electrodes without pre-heating.

Marking/Identification of Product: Every structural section is embossed (hot rolling) with size details, ISI mark and company’s logo/mark along the length at regular interval.