JPL has deliver products that meet the top quality standards, it is necessary to perform an effective quality control during all stages of the production process and we never compromised on quality. Its dedication to quality has contributed to its ongoing success, highly marketable services and products. JPL incorporates quality at every work stage, from Raw Material to finished product we follow a strict quality control in order to improve always and provide value based service in all parts we do.

The entire quality control objectives of JPL adheres the following things:

• Reliability.

• Customer Satisfaction.

• Improved Technological advancement

• To ensure effective cost reduction & cost control.

The quality control lab is furnished with advanced equipment like Universal Testing Machine, Spectrometer and Branding Machine along with various other necessary devices. These are primarily used to measure continuous quality improvement of the products from various angles at various stages of production.

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified, JPL complete quality standards for all Structural products like MS Angle, MS Channel & MS Beams by rendering continuous assistance on the improvement of the quality of products.

Quality Management

The entire Quality Management passes through the levels of:

• Inspection

• Control

• Assurance

• Total Quality Management

Quality Implementation

• Inspection begins before the steel is touched in the fabrication process.

• Material is thoroughly checked before the work begins.

• Inspection is performed on each step.

• Strict adherence to sampling and testing

• Detailed sampling of finished products.

• Improve product quality by upgrading technology.

• Ensuring systematic working procedures.

• Strict adherence to ISI standards and procedures.

Quality Assurance

JPL has had a tradition of supplying the finest quality of steel to the customers. We are committed to manufacture and supply steel sections as per customer’s requirement and satisfaction. The company is committed on providing the customers with quality products through in-process quality inspection, strict adherence to delivery schedule and prompt service. We shall endeavor to continually improve our processes to enhance our customer satisfaction and structural performance. The philosophy is to have business with long and jovial relationship.

Universal Testing Machine SpectroMeter
Spectro Meter
Embossing / Roll Branding Machine